Get to know Sravanthi

I am a Southern Girl, in more ways than one! My heritage is from Andhra Pradesh, a state in the Southeast of India. I consider myself a native of the Deep South of the United States, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for 4 years and where my grandfather lived for 20 years, and living in Georgia since I was 9 years old. Both South India and the American South are an integral part of who I am, despite some of the ugly parts of both places.

So… Southern Squared.

musicals & Broadway | art aficionado | movie buff | history nut | sports fan

When I go on vacation, I plan the entire trip, from airport to hotel transit, meals, and times and dates museums are open. I like to visit museums, parks, places of historic interest, and buildings of architectural and design significance.

writer | marketer | promoter

I am a senior content planning editor at WebMD, and I do freelance writing and marketing, as well as serve on the board of directors for Peachtree Creek Greenway.

I have to be passionate about everything that I do, and that includes my work. If I don’t believe in a product or service that my organization provides, then I can’t market it or write about it in good conscience.

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